Tutor Checklist

Tutor Checklist

Checklist before applying to Tutorvero

Tutor application checklist. Look over the items you will need before you apply.

  • Be able to fill in your general information and upload a profile picture for students to see.
  • Accept only the subjects you can competently teach, and have an education or background. You may choose multiple subjects, but not all may be permitted if you don’t have evidence to support you are qualified.
  • Step three is education. You will need to upload your unofficial transcripts. Even if you are currently in college, you may upload them. These are generally free and easy to access once you enter your college portal.
  • The next step is work experience. Please provide a PDF resume or current profile of any work experience or previous positions held. A brief resume is fine, and this will not ultimately decide if you are hired with us. We just want to see past experiences in the work field, especially in teaching or research.
  • If you have a teacher license or any professional certificate that pertains to education, upload it here. If you are applying to be a SAT or ACT tutor, upload your scores here. If you have no relevant certificates, then you may proceed without uploading anything.
  • Introduction and Youtube clip. The introduction should be a brief explanation about you, your location, education, hobbies, whatever. This is for the application, but also for the students to see your profile and relate to you.
  • The Youtube clip will be short, and there is a tutorial on how to make and paste the link into this section. This will only be viewed by Tutorvero and is used to see technology experience and proficiency communicating online. Just be honest and talk about your teaching experience and teaching philosophy. 1:30 minutes or less is fine. The tutorial says make it private, but the system is responding better when it is public. You can change that once we get back to you about the application.
  • You’re done with the application. We will review all the materials and get back to you soon. If you are hired, you should receive an email with the next steps. Otherwise, we will email you the steps to become officially active and ready for students.

Good luck, and we look forward to reviewing your application.


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