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Strategies for studying and preparing for tests plus help with academic organization

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Extensive application and vetting process leads to more competent tutors that will help you learn!


Constructed with care, the virtual tutoring platform was designed to optimize efficiency and learning. Lessons are recorded for the student to play back if needed.​


We provide amazing tutoring at an affordable price. Our online tutoring services are designed to give you the best learning value for your money.

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Developed by educators to help learners.
We developed Tutorvero to better serve the needs of learners and educators. There are many choices for tutoring, but the advantages of online tutoring are:
  • Freedom and comfort to learn anywhere
  • Educational tools available online
  • Ability to record for playback if the student needs review
  • The choice to select the right tutor from anywhere in the country
After teaching for over ten years and gaining a Ph.D. in education, I decided to start an online tutoring service that:
  • Recruits talented tutors
  • Charges a fair price for what tutors get paid
  • Help support the education of students all over the country
  • Give back to educational communities in the process
Built by teachers, not executives, this site is here to link students with the right tutor for the right price!
– Dr. Jackson
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What is STEM?

STEM, also called STEAM, is Science, Technology, Education, and Math. We specialize in these areas, plus we have a strong emphasis in standardized test preparation. There are many other areas that have quality tutors, so feel free to check out the site and sign up for your free half an hour trial!

Tutorvero means “Tutor truth”

  • This site is managed and created by real educators
  • We try our best to serve the students and their educational needs
  • We offer promotions for tutoring packages during the year
  • We do give back to educational communities
  • To sign up for tutor services or to become a tutor, click on the apply button or select apply in the menu options at the top.
  • All applicants are vetted to ensure quality
  • There is a comprehensive background check. Not just a simple credit score review
  • The site will constantly be updating new content and lessons
  • The interactive whiteboard was designed to ensure lessons are optimized
  • There are more pages to explore to get to know the company

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With a Tutor of Your Choice
  • Vetted By Teachers
  • Background Checked
  • 100% Tutor Guarantee
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